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Five Smooth Stones: The Historical Case for Infant Baptism

Although not a post in my baptism series, this is meant to supplement it. I want to address, as briefly as possible, the historical evidence for infant baptism. It is often argued that the practice was a late development. Some … Continue reading

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The Sign of the Covenant (Part Six: Some Objections)

My goal in this post is not to present an exhaustive list of Baptist objections. I’m not even sure these are their best objections. But as a Baptist myself at one time, these were the objections that kept me from … Continue reading

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A Response to Wellum

Under a post or two below, Blake White has interacted with my baptism series, suggesting I read Dr Stephen Wellum’s “Baptism and the Relationship Between the Covenants”. This has been recommended several times as the most effective critique of the … Continue reading

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The Sign of the Covenant (Part Five: The Sign Transformed)

This final installment will conclude my argument proper. All that is left is to demonstrate that circumcision is no longer the sign of the covenant. Christ instead has commanded baptism as the sign of membership in the covenant. This final … Continue reading

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The Sign of the Covenant (Part Four: Our Children in the Covenant)

In the previous three parts, I attempted to make this argument: The one people of God in redemptive history is an invisible covenant community (composed only of the regenerate) that manifests itself visibly (as a covenant community made up of … Continue reading

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