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Daily Devotionals

With the New Year around the corner, and Advent upon us, we pastors begin to field more questions about good devotional material. Since the answers don’t change very often I thought I would put my thoughts down here and point … Continue reading

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How do I read a book?

I know. This sounds a little silly. When I arrived on campus to begin seminary a book with a similar title was assigned by one of my professors. I thought it was a bit odd as well. But it turns … Continue reading

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“Gospel” is a Noun

[This was originally posted on the Covenant Presbyterian Church, Nashville blog on 23 February 2012] It is quite popular in American churches today to speak of the gospel as though it is something we do. All sorts of good works … Continue reading

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How Do I Find the Right Book?

In our information age I think people are more aware than ever of the need to consider the source of information. Unbelievable emails that are passed from person to person turn out to be untrue. Wikipedia entries turn out to … Continue reading

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The Pure Delight in Obedience

In reading Geerhardus Vos this morning (Biblical Theology, pg 32), I came across this little gem: To do the good and reject the evil from a reasoned insight into their respective natures is a noble thing, but it is a … Continue reading

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