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Daily Devotionals

With the New Year around the corner, and Advent upon us, we pastors begin to field more questions about good devotional material. Since the answers don’t change very often I thought I would put my thoughts down here and point … Continue reading

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Church Fathers: A Brief Introduction

Two years ago I had the privilege of spending time with and addressing our deacons while they were on their annual retreat. We discussed suffering as taught by Peter in his first epistle. I thought it would be helpful for … Continue reading

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Five Smooth Stones: The Historical Case for Infant Baptism

Although not a post in my baptism series, this is meant to supplement it. I want to address, as briefly as possible, the historical evidence for infant baptism. It is often argued that the practice was a late development. Some … Continue reading

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Christ is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed!

If any person is devout and loves God, let him come to this radiant triumphant feast. If any person is a wise follower, let him enter into the joy of his Lord, rejoicing. If any have fasted long, let him … Continue reading

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Yes…sweep the atheists away…

One of my favorite narratives from the early church is the Martyrdom of Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna. Perhaps this is because I was first acquainted with the story while living in Smyrna, today called Izmir, where the narrative takes place. … Continue reading

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