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Daily Devotionals

With the New Year around the corner, and Advent upon us, we pastors begin to field more questions about good devotional material. Since the answers don’t change very often I thought I would put my thoughts down here and point … Continue reading

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Praying the Hours

More than a year ago I posted some thoughts on the concept of time and its Christian observance. I have had to set it aside as I go through the long process of ordination in the PCA (which, God willing, … Continue reading

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On Calvin and Free Will

OK, so the title to this post is a bit misleading. But you can’t be more confused than the theologically astute visitor that arrives at Calvin Free Will Baptist Church on any given Sunday morning. My fellow intern, Jay Bennett, … Continue reading

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Calvin and the Sabbath, Redux

Calvin understands the first condition as having two aspects (see the outline in the previous post). The first aspect was a typological observance. The second aspect was the real observance. By the typological observance, Calvin is referring to the outward … Continue reading

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Calvin and the Sabbath

In a recent conversation with friend and DTS student Jared on my post below, I mentioned Calvin’s view on the Sabbath. I decided that it might be helpful to some to offer some insight into Calvin’s view on this. After … Continue reading

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